WHO and the changes in IHR

By Kristina Kirkhorn - Foreningen exitWHO!! (Norway)


There has been a lot of confusion regarding the changes in WHOs IHR made on June 1st 2024.[1] Meryl Nass claimed it was time to celebrate[2], James Roguski goes through the IHR changes and WIPO in a video at the end of this article. A norwegian law professor Morten Walløe Tvedt[4] has also analyzed the documents and has observed severe changes posted in an article in Steigan[5].


As pointed out by many, including


“One of the UK’s foremost international law barristers and scholars, Sir Jeffrey Jowell KC of Blackstone Chambers, has confirmed unequivocally in a legal opinion obtained by UsForThem that a WHA vote this week to adopt amendments to the IHRs would breach international law. Proceeding with a vote would also threaten the rule of law and would fail to meet accepted standards of procedural fairness, “[6]


The WHO and the member countries did not follow WHOs own constitution, when a finished proposal to the changes was to be sent to the member countries with no less than a minimum of 4 months in advance. This did not happen, therefore the amendments are illegal and null and void.


The new changes to the amendments contain[7]


According to the article by Law Professor Morten Walløe Tvedt the changes in IHR 2024 implemented a new category with Article 1, pandemic emergency. The General Director has the sole power to declare an emergency according to Article 12 and the rules for the Pandemic agreement can build upon the legal text of the 2024 IHRs amendments, when the same terms are used.


This means that the General Director Tedros can declare an emergency of international concern at any moment he sees fit. At the same time, the foundation for the legal framework has been implemented, thus the pandemic treaty can build upon the new changes in the 2024 IHR.


The WHO is persistent in their power grab and they wish to finish the pandemic agreement this year, and have uttered that they wish that it will be done and voted through no later than december 2024.


What is also horrific when it comes to these changes is that the countries will be obliged to do more research on viruses and strengthen their surveillance plan when it comes to illnesses, when this can cause lab leaks and create emergency situations.


In IHR Article 1 it states that

means those health products needed to respond to public health emergencies of international concern, including pandemic emergencies, which may include medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, medical devices, vector control products, personal protective equipment, decontamination products, assistive products, antidotes, cell- and gene-based therapies, and other health technologies;”


As stated above, this does include cell- and gene-based therapies.


When it comes to vaccine passports, it is only WHO who can decide which health therapies are accepted and WHO is the only body to be able to issue a vaccine passport. Therefore the WHO has now sole control of global health. The rules regarding the health certificate are built upon Article 18, 35, 36 and Annex 6 and 7.


The member countries has also agreed to strengthening the work against miss- and diss- information as stated in Annex 1


“Each State Party shall develop, strengthen and maintain the core capacities for: […] (i) risk communication, including addressing misinformation and disinformation;”


Also according to Article 1 and 4 the countries must appoint one or two administrative bodies to implement the IHR in their respective countries.


These changes give us absolutely no reason to celebrate, when the exact changes we fought against have been implemented in these new changes. Now is the time to spread this far and wide. We must stand up and do whatever we can to make our countries opt-out of these changes and exit WHO!